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Loy Kratong Festival


Chachoengsao municipality manages the area for people to sell things during the Loy Kratong Festival in order to promote employment and raise income during the Loy Kratong Festival (14-15th nights of the waxing moon), especially on the day of the full moon; the local government arranges the area for people to float their Kratong to preserve and promote the tradition, to carry on people’s way of life by the river, and to promote ’Thainess.’” Furthermore, the festival is to raise people’s awareness of the preservation of the Bangpakong River. Within the event, there are rare local foods and sweets to enjoy in the evening by the Bangpakong River; the foods are tasty and clean, and the containers are made from natural materials, such as baked clay or banana leaves for food and bamboo tubes for drinks.

Event : 10-11 November 2019 Address : The dam near the Bangpakong River: in front of the hospital.

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