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The Invitation of Sothon, the Venerable Father, from Water Remembrance Day


The invitation ritual of Sothon, the venerable father, from Bangpakong River is a tradition held on the 14th night of the waxing moon of the 5th month every year which has long been carried out since ancient times. It was a celebration of floating Sothon the venerable father in the past: when the villagers saw the floating statue, they helped each other to pull the statue from the river using ropes, however, they were not able to do it. Therefore, they went to ask the guru and then arranged a sacrificial ceremony according to the traditions before putting holy thread on the hand of the statue and inviting the statue of the venerable father onto the bank successfully. After that, the villagers invited the statue to be placed at Sothonwararam Worawiharn Temple, 248 years ago. Sothon the venerable father’s holiness and power made people from all over the country believe in him and regularly travel to pay respects. The statue is considered a holy and respectable itemof Chachoengsao. During the event, there is a performance of the past events when the villagers invited Sothon the venerable father’s statue from the Bangpakong River. It is also a remembrance of the history and background of the monk, as a reminder for the youngsters nowadays of the traditions and Sothon the venerable father’s background.

Event : 18 Apirl 2019- 1 January 1970 Address : Sothonwararam Temple, Na-Muang Sub-district, Muang Chachoengsao District, Chachoengsao

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