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Thai dessert


Thai dessert has a long history in Thai society since it represents national uniqueness and culture. To make Thai dessert, it requires delicacy in ingredient selection and cooking procedures in order to create a tasty, colorful and attractive Thai traditional dessert. Traditionally, Thai dessert would be served only in an important occasion, including a festival season, a traditional festival, or a religious ceremony. International desserts brought to Thailand at that time by political relationship had been adapted to make it look like authentic Thai dessert. Nonetheless, traditional Thai dessert requires only three ingredients; flour, sugar, and coconut.

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Rin Thai Dessert

Rin Thai Dessert

Rin Thai Dessert is a Thai dessert business leader in Chachoengsao. It was founded by a family of Mr.Wittaya Noijaibun who has been inherited recipes and tips of various types of dessert cooking by his ancestors. Originally, his ancestors were from Rong Si Lang Village, Bang Krut Subdistrict, Chachoengsao. It was well-known among the old generation of Paet Riu people about this family’s reputation of making Thai dessert, especially Grandma’s recipe of “Thai sweet cereal bar.” When they were young, the family noticed that Grandma’s recipe of this cereal bar was better than others. Therefore, they started the business with the trade name ‘Rin’, which was named after the second daughter of the family. They later researched all the recipes from the family and elder relatives. Then, they tried out and simultaneously learned from cook book in order to adjust and improve both ingredients and procedures.

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