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Coconut is one of the popular fruits in Thailand due to its significant feature in which all parts of the coconut are beneficial for many purposes. The coconut can be used for cooking both main dish and dessert. It is also useful for maintaining health, treating some symptoms or diseases. The coconut is being used for making coconut oil, coconut milk, sugar and some practical equipment. Moreover, the coconut is categorized as sacred plant and according to the Book of Thai Astrology (Royal Edition); it should be planted in the east side of the house for bringing good fortune. With Chachoengsao local wisdom which helps improving the quality and taste of the coconut, young coconut or aromatic coconut is another popular fruit. The coconut can provide both sweet favor and aromatic smell at first. However, after a while, the smell will slowly fade. The researcher later found the way to measure the scent of the coconut with accurate unit.

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Lung Dang Coconut Farm

Lung Dang Coconut Farm

Lung Dang Coconut Farm is located in an area of 60 rai. The farm’s purpose is for tourists who are interested in agricultural way of life or learning aromatic coconut planting. Other than that, the highlight of visiting the farm is fresh coconut water tasting. In 1964, Lung Dang Coconut Farm won an aromatic coconut breeding seed contest for the first time and became well known ever since. They were the winner for several consecutive years later, too. For further information, the wining seed was a local breeding seed from Bang Khla Subdistrict. Its fruit is quite small but very sweet; it has a BRIX level of sweetness at 8 which is considered sweeter than others. Even though the other coconuts have bigger shape and more meat, their sweetness is only 5-7 degrees of BRIX.

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