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Kui Chai Jae Im


Kui Chai Jae Im has been providing the best chive dumpling in Phanom Sarakham District. It has received a notable recognition for Paet Riu’s best souvenir. Its thin dumpling dough and more stuffed filling make the chive dumpling outstanding from other places. The size is also suitable for eating. It can be said that Kui Chai Jae Im was the first place where initiated in making the chive dumpling with thin layer of dough. As a result, Ko Khanun Subdistrict in Phanom Sarakham District started to became well-known for a place of having the famous souvenir ever since. The reasons which make Kui Chai Jae Im standing out from others are its thin dough and more filling. The staffs will be kneading dough and stuffing the filling together. Later, they put the chive dumpling in a tray and steam them 3-4 trays in one time. Once cooked, coat them with oil to prevent them from being sticky. The dough is clear enough to see the filling inside. Moreover, they also serve with special soy sauce to make it tastes even better. Kui Chai Jae Im has three kinds of chive dumpling; garlic chive, bamboo shoot, and taro. There are ten pieces in a box.

Address : 433 Village no. 2, Tedsaban 1 Alley, Ko Khanun Subdistrict, Phanom Sarakham District, Chachoengsao, 24120 Contact : 038-551722 , 087-140-3693 Time : Opens daily from 6 AM – 6 PM Journey :

Take highway 304 (Chachoengsao – Kabinburi) from the city of Chachoengsao toward Phanom Sarakham intersection (2.6 kilometers away from Phanom Sarakham District Office). Take a right turn and head to Sanam Chai Khet District (highway 3245). Continue driving for 3 kilometers and take a right turn to Tedsaban 1 Alley. The destination will be on your right-hand side.

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