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Ueng Mui Seng


Ueng Mui Seng is a mooncake shop with a long history in Bang Khla Subdistrict. Generations after generations, the shop has been offering traditional mooncakes for over 100 years. Apart from mooncakes, steamed buns and other pastry and desserts, which are suitable to be souvenirs, are also available. Ueng Mui Seng mainly supplies large traditional mooncakes with red letters stamped on them. The shop offers various sizes and choices of fillings like, salted bean and squash with salted eggs. The mooncakes are sold in red boxes. These mooncakes are made from original Teochew recipe making the layer crusts very soft and thin, and stuffed with good amount of fillings. Importantly, the place also supplies Hokkien mooncakes, which are very rare. Moreover, there are other Chinese desserts such as festival pastries, snow skin mooncakes, Chinese roll cakes, and deserts for moon festivals. Another star product of the shop is steamed buns.

Address : Bang Khla Branch: 59 Rabiapkit Anuson Road, Bang Khla Subdistrict, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao 24110 | Chachoengsao Train Station Branch: 275/4 Maha Chakkraphat Road, Na Mueang Subdistrict, Muang Chachoengsao District, Chachoengsao 24000 Contact : Bang Khla Branch: 038-541-165, 038-541-282 | Chachoengsao Train Station Branch: 038- 515-748 Time : Opens Daily from 6.00 AM – 6.00 PM Journey :

Bang Khla Branch: From the city of Chachoengsao, take highway 304 Chachoengsao – Kabinburi. Once reaching the Bang Khla intersection, turn left to the 3121, keep straight for approximately 9 km. Turn right at the junction, keep straight around 200 m. and the shop will be on the right, a little before the small bridge.
Chachoengsao Train Station Branch: From Luang Por Sothorn Temple, turn left at the exit and go straight pass Praya Srisoonthorn Voharn Monument to enter Sisothon Tatmai Road. Going straight for 1.1 km, turn left at the junction to Maha Chakkraphat Road. Proceed on the road about 500 m., the shop will be on the left side, opposite to Chachoengsao Train Station

Website :ขนมเปี๊ยะอึ๊งมุ่ยเส็งแปดริ้ว-111030622416589/

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